I pledge allegiance to MYSELF to never take opioids

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OPIOIDS kill more Americans every year than the entire Vietnam War. Commit today to never getting drafted by OPIOIDS! 

If you "Google it", the numbers keep going up so they are likely higher by the time you read this. And quietly, rapidly students are dying around us like a middle ages plague. 

The great news is if you never start, you'll never get stopped by opioids.


And I had tools to convert on that dream: Model, inventor, writer - check. Maybe more importantly I had the love and support as a grandson, a cousin, a nephew, a brother, and a son. Rarely missed church. Star Athlete, studied abroad, and I had the most ridiculous friends. An injury in High School started me on pain meds. I never did catch the name of my murderer - the guy who sold my roommate my accidental overdose on methadone. I had more than one heads up - I knew way better. My name is Drew Swan and this is my story.


Studies show character is most often baked in by the end of eighth grade. This is exactly where the OPIOID OATH is most effective. "A promise made to oneself in one's youth is almost always kept as an adult."  Combined with a written commitment and strengthened further by a great cloud of witnesses,  Your Name will never be erased from this Wall Of Life. Forever you will be publicly testifying to your commitment to choose life by your decision to NOT get rolled by OPIOIDS. Good choice, by the way!

I vow to never try so I will Never die from opioids

If you meant that - sign the WALL OF LIFE. Email us your name and town to make your commitment public.

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